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  • D e c o r a t i n g Y o u r D r e a m
  • Y o u r I m a g i n a t i o n , O u r C r e a t i o n
  • A l l W e N e e d A r e Y o u r I d e a s
  • R e a l i z e Y o u r i d e a w i t h Q u a l i t y
goldOur gold-like premium quality originates from our continuously improving craftsmanship and innovative technology.
Ever-changingGKS Metal Ceiling

GKS®suspended ceiling never rigidly adheres to one mode. For buildings with different styles and functions, we always havea product that can fulfill the customer's demands as well as the designer's boundless imagination as far as possible.

Rigorous and FlexibleGKS Metal Facade & Column

The GKS® facade / column panel is renowned in the industry for its excellent quality and convenience during installation and winsthe unanimous praise of the owners and contractors by virtueof the excellent performance in all aspects.

Decoration and FunctionGKS Metal Sun-shade

The technology accuracy and customer experience are the goals we have been pursuing, with a view to making each user satisfied with our products.

Trend GuiderAD Lighting Box&Signs

Design and manufacture by the means of artistic creation with aesthetic, professional, scientific, cultural and ergonomic concepts with the view to providing perfect works for customers.

STRINGENTWe satisfy customers’ needs with stringent attitude, focus on quality, precision and professional services.
  • Choosing GKS

    We provide both high-quality products and all-round technical services for you:

  • We provide the professional product solutions for owners and designers to achieve the desired results of decoration.

  • Our professional consultant team provides detailed technical guidance for construction units and solves the problems on the site as early as possible.

  • We ?have ?a ?meticulous , well - arranged
    product?training and?service?system?
    covering?from?product?consulting?to?product maintenance?to?provide?customers?with?
    all - round?services.

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